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Leighton Moon

Leighton Moon


About Us

We are Camdon Wilde and Julia Royal. For years, we have both been designing brand assets and campaigns, print collateral, digital graphics, and countless other communicative and artistic projects.

Formerly peers and occasional collaborators in design, we eventually recognized the full value of our combined design philosophies and workflow and made the decision to pursue projects under one unified banner: Leighton Moon.

Collectively, Leighton Moon has 18+ years of experience helping businesses, nonprofits, economic development organizations, and municipal branches of government to extend their respective brands through memorable, engaging design and visual marketing collateral for both print and digital mediums. Leighton Moon’s design processes ensures they develop a relationship with clients, gain stakeholder input and support, and ultimately land on the best design solution with full respect to the targeted audience and the long-term (timeless) effectiveness of the visual brands produced.


  • discover: the initial consultation where we clarify strategies, research, existing brand eval, auditing, engagement
  • position: clarifying brand strategy, developing a positioning platform, key messaging, creating brand attributes
  • design: brainstorm and begin executing the big idea: visualize future, design identity, present a visual strategy
  • touchpoint: finalize identity and applying brand architecture
  • implement: final asset delivery, assistance in launch strategy, develop guidelines, education


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