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Guadalajara Restaurant

Guadalajara Restaurant


About Us

Guadalajara is bringing back a taste of our local history for the next generation.

Librado Casillas first built apartments at the site of the original Guadalajara Restaurant on Casillas Street (named after him) in the 1940’s. He added a grocery store in 1945 and then converted the apartments into the restaurant in 1951. It closed in 2006. Unfortunately, the original building burned down in 2014.

Guadalajara is back! Sid Strebeck approached Mike Mendoza about bringing the restaurant back. Mike is the grandson of Librado Casillas. He cooked for his mom when she ran the restaurant until 1998 and then he and his wife ran it until it closed in 2006. Mike, Sid, and John Rink of K-Bob’s Steakhouse have been working hard to reopen a piece of local history.


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