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Genius Owl, Ltd Co.

Genius Owl, Ltd Co.

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About Us

I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs in establishing a strong branded online presence that creates a lasting first impression and compels others to do business with you. I have a process that uncovers your brand personality using two key assessments and customer research. I also have a secret ingredient that helps make the design process painless. ;) Once your website, which is today's first impression, is branded, we then move onto your social media presence so that all platforms send a clear brand message.

Next, we need to make sure that the online first impression is cohesive with your in-person presence. First, I help you hire the right person for your position and staff using a unique system not used by anyone else in the area. If you already have a great team, then I can train you and/or your staff is four key areas--personality styles, body language, flipping the like switch, and emotional intelligence-to increase profits, customer satisfaction, retention, and service, and team dynamics. Empower yourself and your staff to build trust within minutes, truly connect with your clients, and generate a referral engine.

My #1 entrepreneurial skill is selling, but I also have a unique twist in that I am an introvert. Selling is listening, understanding, and solving problems. I'm able to train your staff in sales, especially your reluctant sellers. My process is unique. I don't do typical. I get into the inside of your staff, the things holding them back, and then empower them with tools to build confidence as well as skill in sales.


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