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New: Clovis Merchandise - Buy Wholesale!

Buy Clovis Merchandise at Wholesale Pricing to Sell for a Profit!
The Clovis Action Team is proud to offer Clovis merchandise at wholesale pricing! You can now create your own customized package (check out all the new items!) and we will continue to update the catalog as more items become available. 
In order to get you the best price, we will be fulfilling these bulk orders quarterly.
To place an order: 
1. Review the Catalog (linked below) to explore the available items.
2. Use the Wholesale Order Form (also below) to select your items. Submit your order form before the quarterly deadlines. Turnaround time will depend on how many orders we receive. 
SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
DECEMBER 14, 2022
MARCH 15, 2023
This is a great opportunity for your business to buy these items at wholesale prices, sell official Clovis merchandise for a profit, and directly support the Clovis Community Branding Initiative. Please note – all items must be sold at the set retail prices included in the document.

Clovis Merchandise Catalog

Wholesale Order Form